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Innovations in Teaching Learning Process
@ Saveetha Dental College
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By-Dr.Deepak Nallaswamy
Breaking the monotony of learning process: Saveetha University Director 'invents' MILA Multiple interacting learning algorithm(MILA) attempts to replace the old style of education and create an effective ,enthusiastic and active learning environment for students. The project developed by -Director of Academics in Saveetha University,Dr.Deepak Nallaswamy, breaks the monotony of hours of lectures and replaces it with facilitator mediated active learning process.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A three day "3rd Jus Amicus National Moot Court Competition-2015", At Saveetha university

Saveetha University News:

A three day "3rd Jus Amicus National Moot Court Competition-2015",
At Saveetha University.

Chennai: Saveetha School of Law is conducting the 3rd Jus Amicus National Moot Court Competition-2015, from 10th to 12th April 2015 at Saveetha School of Law, Saveetha University,
Poonamallee High Road, Velappanchavadi, Chennai.

Saveetha School of law is proud to add one more feather to its cap by conducting the 3rd Jus
Amicus National Moot Court Competition. Saveetha School of Law has achieved this milestone by successfully conducting two Jus Amicus National Moot Court Competitions in the year 2011 and 2012.  This moot will witness 35 teams participating from various law colleges across the country. The finals will be presided by a Full Bench consisting of Justice R. Mahadevan, Justice Pushpa Sathyanarayana and Justice S.Vaidhyanathan from Madras High Court.  The other rounds will be judged by Senior Counsels of Madras High Court and other legal luminaries.
The inaugural address will be given by Dr.N.M.Veeraiyan, Founder President & Chancellor of Saveetha University. Keynote speakers include Dr. Mythili Bhaskaran-vice Chancellor Saveetha university), Dr. Prabavathy-Registrar(Saveetha University), Prof. Dr.Anita Rao Director Saveetha school of law) and Dr. Omana George, Principal,(Saveetha school of law).

The curriculum with Inter-disciplinary approach and Clinical Legal Education Training of the
students is best suited to produce future Lawyers with Social Commitment, Judges with objective
thinking and Bureaucrats with compassionate attitude. The moot court is one such technique which helps us to achieve the above set goal.  The moot court is one of the forums where various legal buds will bloom.  Through this we are establishing a common platform for the law students across the country where they compete and share their skills.

Saveetha School of Law established in 2009 aims to strive for imparting Quality Legal Education and maintains higher standards of Legal Research and Training.  The first batch of Saveetha School of law has sucessfully passed out in the academic year 2014-15.

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