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Innovations in Teaching Learning Process
@ Saveetha Dental College
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By-Dr.Deepak Nallaswamy
Breaking the monotony of learning process: Saveetha University Director 'invents' MILA Multiple interacting learning algorithm(MILA) attempts to replace the old style of education and create an effective ,enthusiastic and active learning environment for students. The project developed by -Director of Academics in Saveetha University,Dr.Deepak Nallaswamy, breaks the monotony of hours of lectures and replaces it with facilitator mediated active learning process.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The second phase of medical counselling concluded in Saveetha University,

The second phase of medical counselling concluded
in Saveetha University,

"This is blessing.  Some people should not get a certain kind of result.  They should only have a little, but surprisingly they have much.  Our entire work is built upon God's blessing."

CHENNAI: The second phase of medical counselling concluded on Monday for admission to MBBS
courses in Saveetha University/Medical college for the academic year 2015.
Candidates selected from unigauge merit list were admitted to medical Seats in Saveetha medical college.University Chancellor Dr.N M Veeraiyan,University  director of Academics  Dr.Deepak nallaswamy, Vice chancellor Dr.Mythily Bhaskaran and Registrar Dr.Prabhavathy were present.
"This is blessing.  Some people should not get a certain kind of result.  
They should only have a little, but surprisingly they have much.  Our entire work is built upon God's blessing."
"The most happiest moment of the students,Excited to join MBBS with pride and merit.."
says Chancellor N M Veeraiyan.
"It's unfortunate that many people have been cheated and lost lakhs of rupees to the agents in spite of our warning that all admissions to MBBS course are based only on merit and very transparent..Beware of these agents..If anyone promise admission other than merit please inform the admission office..--Chancellor N M Veeraiyan added.

'How can you will maintain this university with out receiving donation and management quota'?
so many parents ask to the chancellor,His silent smile is to the replay to all..,
 "Our entire work is built upon God's blessing."

The admission process was unique in its emphasis on rigorous testing and cherry picking of students
through various qualitative procedure to identify conceptual clarity, communication and analytical skills as well as personal interaction with both candidates and parents, all of which we believe, will enhance the quality of these future Doctors through keen competition and unique contribution to the community.The Counselling which was held on 8th June, carried all the hallmark of a focused and directed effort at achieving the above objective. As parents, were surprisingly exposed to a highly transparent admission process, rarely associated with private education in India.
With parents being given a rare opportunity to interact and understand common problems and challenges faced by the cohort, they felt quite a bit of anxiety vanishing when they saw that they were not alone. The well set out procedure of published merit list being adhered to methodically in the counselling process and the screening of documents, health etc, were achieved through some sensible planning which of course could be improved given time constraints of parents. But it only showed how much caring goes into education for their children, when they did not hear any complaints but only anxious faces and crossed fingers. Parents laud the efforts of this University which has set high standards all around, be it quality of education or discipline and now in an area of great concern all around ie. a transparent admission process.

An introduction to a college for a school student would most likely border on a spectrum of emotions 
Ranging from mild trepidation to great unease or even alarm. So when a Counselling call was received from Saveetha University, students approached the portals with more than a bit of disquiet. Students enlightened experience of the day was one of a mixture of welcoming human touch lent by students laced with meticulous professionalism from the Saveetha University representatives.
The initial part of the process was devoted to a stringent screening process consisting of a Group 
Discussion which was about ‘How road traffic accident incidence could be lowered in India’. This was a subject which a typical 18 year old could relate to, as well as should be concerned about, as, most of us are waiting to jump into a driving seat and should surely dwell about? I got acquainted with a good number of fellow candidates and could identify a natural fit within the peer group. This introduction was followed by an aptitude test which made us scratch our heads and hopefully identify correct answers to lots of hypothetical scenarios in a logical manner. 
Once the mundane document verification was done, we slogged through the grinding job of filling up of loads of documents, in where we were helped by student volunteers. This gave us an opportunity to make small talk on lots of aspects of college life, from greeting spooky cadavers to humorous hostel life.I can’t wait to get at it! After a medical screening and made to measure uniforms, we were treated to a sumptuous and good well deserved lunch. Finally we waited on tenterhooks for the much awaited ‘Admission notice’ which took long enough and when it did arrive, I gave a sign of great relief. I got my parents off my back and their smiles were reward in itself.

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