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Innovations in Teaching Learning Process
@ Saveetha Dental College
Published on 16 Oct 2014,in youtube/904 Views
By-Dr.Deepak Nallaswamy
Breaking the monotony of learning process: Saveetha University Director 'invents' MILA Multiple interacting learning algorithm(MILA) attempts to replace the old style of education and create an effective ,enthusiastic and active learning environment for students. The project developed by -Director of Academics in Saveetha University,Dr.Deepak Nallaswamy, breaks the monotony of hours of lectures and replaces it with facilitator mediated active learning process.

Monday, 14 September 2015


Chennai: “KNOW THYSELF, DREAM BIG, BE A PROUD INDIAN, BUILD STRONG INDIA” A clarion call by Dr.P.Sivakumar, Director, CVRDE, Avadi.
Saveetha Engineering College is organizing a 3 day techno management festival called“DRESTEIN”.(DReam,dESign,compeTE,Win) every year since 2009. Drestein 2015 is organized from 14th September to 16th September  2015The mega event has been inaugurated today 14th at 9 am in Saveetha Campus, Thandalam.Dr.P Sivakumar, Director, CVRDE has been the Chief Guest and Dr.N.M.Veeraiyan, FounderPresident and Chancellor, Saveetha University presided over the event.
In his inaugural address, Dr.Sivakumar has recalled the advice of Dr.Kalam to DREAM BIGand applauded the College for including the Dream as the first part of the acronym DRESTEIN.
Dr.Sivakumar has urged the students to follow the following simple but effective tips:
1. Learn from nature - He quoted how CVRDE observes from Ants, Cockroach, peacock in designing the robust and sturdy Defense vehicles
2. Be proud to be an Indian and bring back the glory of peerless wisdom of India in all fields of study through Nalanda, Taxila Universities
3) Know yourself Quoting the famous song of Kannadasan, “Unnai  Arindhal, Nee unnai arindhal indha ulagathil poradalam” he urged the students to know themselves, their strength and weakness and proceed.
4) Be motivated and motivate others. He quoted the motivation given by Mr.Desai of TITAN
Watches to make the thinnest watch in the world to the surprise of the well known watch
manufacturing country Sweden.
e) BE INQUISITIVE : Last but not the least, he advised the students to be inquisitive, always in
search mode and spend their time usefully in the libraries, referring to journals and constantly
enrich their knowledge.Dr.P. Sivakumar, the distinguished Scientist has endeared the audience by his simple buteffective speech delivered in English and Tamil.Earlier, Dr.N.M.Veeraiyan , in his presidential address, congratulated the organizers and students for improving the DRESTIEN year after year and  assured the support of management.Prof.R.Dheenadayalu, Dean, welcomed the gathering. Dr.S.Rajesh, Director, Dr.R. SenthilKumar,  Dr.C.Sheeba Joice,  the coordinators of DRESTEIN were present.More than 2000 registrations, from outside college, 16 workshops onvarious technologies,Around 60 Project displays, 36 technical events, 50 poster presentations and many more events will be rolled out in these three days.

DRESTEIN '15 photo Left to right.
Dr. R.Senthil Kumar,  HOD/EEE  Saveetha Engineering College Dr.S.Rajesh, Director, Saveetha Engineering College
Dr.N.M.Veerayian, Chancellore, Saveetha UniversityDr. P.Sivakumar, Director, CVRDE, DRDO, Chennai Professor. R. Dheenadayalu, Dean, ICT,  Saveetha Engineering College
Professor  C.Sheeba Joice,  Saveetha Engineering College

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