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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Releasing of JaiMohan's Poetry Book ‘Thanimayin Mozhi Kavithai’

Releasing of JaiMohan's Poetry Book ‘Thanimayin Mozhi Kavithai’

Chennai:‘Thanimayin Mozhi Kavithai’ a compilation of Tamil poems written by K. Jeyamohan,student of Saveetha School of Law has been released on 26th September 2015. The formal,but simple event took place in the Decennial Hall, Saveetha University, Chennai.

The book release ceremony was presided by Chancellor of Saveetha University, Dr.N.M Veeraiyan, Hon’ble High Court Justice, Mr. G. Chokkalingam and renowned writer Mr. IndraSoundar Rajan. The cordial task of welcoming the honourable guests and others was carried on by Dr.Anitha Rao, Director of Saveetha School of Law. The cheif guests of the day including Mr. Ravi Tamilvanan were honoured with shawl, momento and a copy of the book by Dr.N.M Veeraiyan. Mr. Kathirvel, Senior Counsel of Supreme Court of India and Father of Mr. Jeyamohan honoured Dr.N.M. Veeraiyan and Dr. Anitha Rao.
Dr.N.M. Veeraiyan extended his full support and encouragement to the budding young poet right from granting permission to conduct the event in the Saveetha University Campus itself and facilitating all the allied requirements in the campus. During his speech, he congratulated
Mr.Jeyamohan for his achievement and wished him all success in future endeavors too.Justice, Mr.G.Chokkalingam was surprised about the work of Mr.Jeyamohan at this young age and wished him the best, not only as a poet but also as a budding lawyer.Mr.Indra Soundar Rajan’s Presence made the event more gracious. He opined that young poet like Mr.Jeyamohan is astonishment to today’s literature world. He was much impressed by the approach made by the poet in expressing his views. He quoted some examples from new generation poems which are in a way killing the Tamil literature and pointed out how ‘Thanimayin Mozhi Kavithai’ is an exception to those. He also quoted some of his favouritelines from the book. Mr. Indra Sounder Rajan kept the crowd active throughout hisinspirational and humorous speech.Director of Manimekalai Prasuram, Mr. Ravi Tamilvanan also spoke during the event. He took pride in publishing the work of Mr.Jeyamohan and stated that it’s been so long since he had published such a work from a young writer. Mrs. Subha Hari, elder sister of Mr.Jeyamohan was proud on the occasion and addressed the gathering on behalf of his parents and family members. She was privileged of the achievement made by her brother and took the opportunity to share her experiences with Mr.Jeyamohan.
Mr.Jeyamohan recited some lines from his book and stated the circumstances which made him to put pen to paper. He also shared his life experiences and stated that he wishes tomattribute the success of this day to his Tamil Teacher. He in short words shared the experience of his first work, starting from the day he started writing, to the day of booklaunch. He reminded of his family members, school and college teachers and friends. He concluded his words by extending his hearty gratitude to all the dignitaries.
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Releasing of ‘Thanimayin Mozhi Kavithai’ a compilation of Tamil poems written by K. Jeyamohan:-
Left to right:: Director of Manimekalai Prasuram- Mr. Ravi Tamilvanan,Writer Mr. Indra

Soundar Rajan,Hon’ble High Court Justice- Mr. G. Chokkalingam,
Chancellor of Saveetha University, Dr.N.M Veeraiyan, Saveetha School of Law Director-Dr.Anitha Rao,

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